What is instagram and why is it so popular

What is  instagram and why is it so popular

Instagram- one in every of the foremost in style gaining and giving quality to folks. Hashtags became the jargon of the new information. each history finds it approach through likes and comments with the help of #Hashtags. Instagram is that social media networking app that is such a lot over simply uploading and feeling photos and perhaps, that’s one in every of the crucial reasons why it’s surged up the recognition chart.

1. Instagram works very well on mobile.

Let’s face it: a lot of and more folks like better to do things from their smartphones instead of a desktop or laptop pc or maybe a pill. We’re a mobile society currently, associated Instagram is an app designed for your mobile. In fact, the app’s options are restricted on the desktop version, any incentivizing users to log in from their phones instead of their computers.

2. Instagram is a picture 1st app.

People are extremely alert to imaging. we tend to like better to interpret visual info over digesting written words or sonic cues. this can be why visual promoting (and, above all, influencer marketing) has been beginning in recent years.

It is conjointly why Instagram is so in style. On Instagram, the pictures take center stage. In fact, captions are stop within the main feed once a particular word count, rendering them secondary to the images displayed.

In our survey of Instagram super users, seventy % of the five hundred respondents confirmed that associate Instagram caption, whereas vital, isn’t the most actuation behind a successful post.

If you’re inquisitive what variety of imaging can work best on Instagram, below could be a pic of what our survey respondents same. In terms of engagement, 72% claim that portrait photography is that the thanks to go, with landscape photography ranking a foreign second (14%). solely 13% reported that selfies drive the foremost engagement on their accounts. cluster photos graded last.

Images are thus important to Instagram’s prime accounts that an entire crop of third party writing apps have ridden Instagram’s coattails in gaining quality over the last decade. each free associated paid-for image writing apps have up in quality among Instagram users desirous to improve their Insta game by adopting an Instagram theme or just posting a lot of lovely, conspicuous pictures. in keeping with our information, 53% of survey respondents invariably use a 3rd party writing app once posting to Instagram.

3. Instagram is easy.

Without a doubt, Instagram is very user friendly. the easy interface is simple for brand spanking new users to grasp intuitively, despite their age. You don’t ought to be a “cord cutter” or a “cord never” to navigate this app’s varied options. Instagram is additionally perpetually rolling out new and improved options (including filters, slideshows, Stories, and Instagram TV to call simply a few), and prompting users upon log-in with easy-to-follow guides regarding the way to use them as they are doing. in keeping with our survey, the Instagram feed, that has existed since the app 1st launch, is that the favorite feature among 47% of respondents. Stories ranks an in depth second (43%).

If you aren’t on Instagram already, now’s the time to hitch. The app’s quality isn’t probably to die down anytime shortly, because it continues to enhance by adding new options and users.

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